1. These Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as “the Terms and Conditions”, apply to all persons present at artistic, cultural, entertainment, or sporting events, hereinafter referred to as “Event” or “Events” respectively, organised by GOART Foundation, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the NCR no. KRS 0000724480, NIP [Taxpayer Identification Number] 6762547160, REGON [National Business Registry Number] 369790944, address: 50 Dietla Street, 31-039 Cracov,  hereinafter referred to as “Organiser”,
  2. Maintenance and Security Services hereinafter referred to as the “Maintenance and Security Services”, appointed by the Organiser (including employees of a personal or property security agency), whose task is to ensure the safety of persons present at the Event will be present on the Event grounds.
  3. Members of the Security or Maintenance Services are required to wear in a visible place an identification tag issued by the Organiser with the following information: name of company and identification number.
  4. The following persons have the right of admission to the Event: (a) holders of a valid admission ticket issued by the Organiser (2022), b) holders of a guest invitation issued by the Organiser. At the Event Gate, the documents mentioned above will be scanned, and the participant will receive an ID badge in the form of a wristband, which they must keep on their wrist throughout the duration of the Event. The unique QR / barcode on each entry ticket entitles the participant to exchange the ticket for a wristband ID only at the first scan. The wristband may only be used by one person. The loss of the wristband results in the loss of the right to enter the Event grounds. If the wristband breaks or is damaged on the Event grounds, the participant is obligated to immediately report to the Security or Maintenance Service together with the damaged wristband to have it replaced with a new one. Willful departure from the Event grounds with a damaged or broken ID badge without prior notification to the security services is equivalent to resignation from participation in the Event and forfeiture of the right to enter the Event grounds. Only participants with undamaged wristbands firmly fastened to their wrists can enter the Event grounds each time.
  5. The Event participants are obligated to carry a valid document confirming their identity, which means: an identity card, temporary identity certificate, passport, driving licence, school or student ID card, a document confirming the identity of a foreigner, or any other identity document with the holder’s facial image and address of residence.
  6. During the sale of tickets for the Event and at the entrance to the Event, Maintenance or Security Staff may request a person entering the Event grounds or purchasing a ticket to present a document confirming their identity.
  7. Any minor under 18 years of age may enter the Event exclusively under the supervision of an adult person holding one of the documents entitling them to enter the Event, as specified in point 5, who, before entering the Event, will sign a declaration of responsibility for the minor. The declaration template will be available at the entrance to the Event. This provision shall apply unless the Terms and Conditions of the area where the Event is held specify a higher age limit for entry to the area where the Event is held. The parent/guardian is required to possess a document confirming the child’s name and age.
  8. The Event participants are obligated to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others, and in particular, to adhere to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of the area where the Event is held.
  9. Security or Maintenance Services are authorised to: a) check and establish the right to participate in the Event, and in the event of establishing the lack of such right, summon individuals without applicable documents to leave the Event; b) check the identity of individuals in order to establish their identity; c) inspect the contents of luggage and clothing of individuals participating in the Event in the event of a suspicion that they bring in or possess items that, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, are prohibited on the premises where the Event is held; d) issue public order commands to persons disturbing public order or behaving contrary to the Terms and Conditions or the rules and regulations of the venue where the Event is held and, in the event such commands are not complied with, to order such persons to leave the premises where the Event is held; e) apprehend, in order to immediately hand over to the Police individuals posing a direct threat to the property entrusted to the Services’ protection and individuals committing criminal offences.
  10. Actions taken by Maintenance and Security Services should be performed in a manner ensuring respect for human dignity and other personal rights of the person towards whom they were taken.
  11. The use of means of direct coercion and the documentation of such use by Maintenance and Security Services is performed according to the principles set out in the Act of 24 May 2013 on means of direct coercion and firearms.
  12. On the Event grounds, it is forbidden to (a) bring and possess weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic products, materials causing hazard of fire, alcoholic beverages (except those purchased from the Organiser), intoxicants or psychotropic substances, stun guns, gas throwers, knives, truncheons, chain, firecrackers, smoke candles, lasers, laser pointers and objects that could be used as projectiles and anything similar, all glass, metal, and plastic containers and all objects with a sharp end; b) bring and possess audio and video recording equipment and photographic equipment, as well as to take photographs, record sound and film; c) carry out any commercial or other profit-making activity without the Organiser’s permission; d) enter the rooms or areas, designated as “No Entry” (e.g. official rooms, elements of the stage construction, the official rooms, the stage construction components, rooms for artists, etc.); e) smoke tobacco and cigarettes outside designated smoking areas; f) satisfy physiological needs outside toilets; g) throw any objects.
  13. The Maintenance and Security Services are entitled to 1) refuse entry and participation in the Event to a) persons against whom a judgement banning entry to mass events or obligating them to refrain from attending mass events has been issued by the court as against a convicted person in connection with the probationary suspension of the execution of a sentence of imprisonment or against a minor under Art. 6.2 of the Act of 26 October 1982 on Proceedings in Juvenile Cases, as well as persons against whom a foreign or club ban has been issued within the meaning of the Act; b) persons who refuse to submit to the activities mentioned in point 9 hereof; c) persons visibly under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, or other similarly acting substances; d) persons in possession of weapons or other dangerous items, explosives, pyrotechnic fire-hazardous materials, alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or psychotropic substances, or other products, beverages, means or substances the possession of which is prohibited hereunder; e) persons behaving aggressively, provocatively or in any other manner posing a threat to public safety or order; 2) remove from the Event grounds any persons mentioned in section 1); 3) remove from the Event grounds any persons whose behaviour disturbs public order or who behave contrary to these Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions of the premises where the Event is held.
  14. All persons participating in the Event are obligated to comply with the instructions of Maintenance and Security Services. Refusal to comply with such orders may result only from their inconsistency with universally applicable legal regulations.
  15. Strobe lights may be used on the Event grounds, and all participants may be exposed to continuous sound levels that may cause hearing damage. Pregnant women are at particular risk.
  16. To ensure the safety of the Event participants, a monitoring system allowing for recording, by means of audio and video recording devices, the course of the mass event, in particular the behaviour of persons participating in it, may be used on the Event grounds.
  17. The Terms and Conditions will be available: a) at the entrance to the Event.
  18. The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 1 March 2022.